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Did I sell too soon? Did I wait too long? What if the market doesn’t rally by the time I need to make that payment? What if…?
These questions and many more can affect a producer’s marketing decisions and, more often than not, they are a detriment to the market potential that was available.
Our goal is to work with producers to develop a comprehensive risk management plan that utilizes sound marketing and crop insurance coverage to protect revenue on the farm. We will work with the diversified commodity mix that is grown on the High Plains including, but not limited to, corn, wheat, grain sorghum, soybeans and cotton.

Equity RMS staff gathers pertinent marketing data on a daily basis and is able to provide producers with more in-depth information on which to base their marketing decisions. That information flow will include commodity markets, brokerage decisions, proper insurance coverage for maximum protection and an understanding of government policies. By operating our own insurance agency and brokerage firm, we are able to more precisely tailor a risk management plan specifically for your operation.
Protecting your bottom line. At the end of the game, that’s what we do. Your Cooperative has a vested interest in your success. Equity Risk Management has a close eye on local conditions and events as well as a market-wide link to worldwide happenings. Equity Risk Management can help to tie the two together to provide protection against the “what ifs”. Call or come by today for more information.
At Equity, we can help manage your risk. Contact one of our licensed brokers for more information:
Marty Nicholson
Phone: 806-330-0057

Gene Franks
Office: 806-435-7262
Wes Beal
Office: 806-435-4016


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