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Agronomy At Equity Exchange

From fertilizers and seed to crop protection products and custom applications, the Agronomy Division at Equity Exchange offers everything you need to maximize your farm’s productivity.
We have 14 major hubs situated throughout the region, including our seed and crop protection product distribution center in Perryton that services all retail locations and customers. Our products and services are always conveniently located and available to meet your needs.

Equipped with a great depth of experience and a close eye on the details, our field marketers and seed specialists provide the best customer service in the region. We offer onsite agronomy solutions such as service calls, field checks, soil tests, tissue sampling, seed plots, field mapping and precision ag technology.
Read on to learn more about our product portfolios and service offerings, and give us a call to start realizing your operation’s fullest potential.


Equity Exchange sells and supports some of the best crop seed on the market, including crops like corn, soybeans, grain sorghum, cotton, sunflowers, alfalfa, wheat, canola and forages. We cater to the needs of our customers and their farms by offering a diverse list of seed brand portfolios:


As your local source for dry and liquid fertilizers, Equity Exchange offers a full line of crop nutrient products to help your crops stay healthy and reach their fullest yield potential. To maximize the return on your crop investment, our knowledgeable agronomy team will help you customize the right fertility package for your fields and your bottom line. All products are available for direct to farm delivery or pickup.

For your convenience, we also have Kahler automated fertilizer blending facilities in Farnsworth, TX and Liberal, KS. Each is open 24-7 so you can get what you need, when you want it. There you can fill tanks up to 4,800 gallons in size with your own custom blend of crop nutrients like N, P, K, Zn, Cu, S and Mg.

Our crop nutrient lineup includes products like:

  • Anhydrous ammonia (NH3)
  • Urea 46-0-0
  • Liquid UAN (Urea Ammonium Nitrate)
  • Liquid 10-34-0
  • MAP (Monoammonium Phosphate)
  • DAP (Diammonium Phosphate)
  • 40 ROCK 12-40-0
  • Seed treatments
  • Complete lineup of WinField® United plant nutrition products, including MAX-IN® micronutrients

Crop Protection Products

Whether you’re in need of herbicides, fungicides or insecticides, Equity Exchange carries a complete line of WinField® United crop protection products to help reduce competition in your fields and prevent yield loss. All products are available for direct to farm delivery or pickup; we also offer custom application services.

Agronomy Services

Soil Sampling

Custom Applications

Crop Consulting

Plant Tissue Sampling

Precision Agronomy

24/7 Fertilizer Blending

Precision Agronomy

Our agronomy team uses leading-edge technology to provide accurate, cost-effective field prescriptions. We leverage precision ag applications like the R7® Tool to store data and help farmers identify and better manage the acres that provide the best opportunity for increased profit potential.

This comprehensive precision farming solutions integrates soil and tissue sampling, satellite imagery mapping and harvest data to help create customized variable rate prescriptions for your farm.

WinField® United R7® Tool

  • Field and Zone Soil Testing
  • Variable Rate Fertility Prescriptions
  • As-Applied Field Mapping
  • Harvest Data Mapping
  • Satellite Imaging
  • NDVI Images and Analysis
  • Farm Data Management
  • Profitability Map
  • Archived and In-Season Imagery

Answer Plot® Insights

The Answer Plot® Program by WinField® United is your year-round resource for local agronomic, seed and crop protection expertise, strategies, and the latest information and data. When attending local Answer Plot® Knowledge Events, you’ll find customized answers that can apply to the challenges you experience in your own fields.
We’re fortunate to have three different Answer Plot®locations in our service area – Dalhart, TX, Spearman, TX and Garden City, KS. Check back periodically to see when the next Answer Plot® VIP Week will take place at each location. To see data from the National Answer Plot® site, click on the Learn More button below. 

Your Financial Partner For Growth

At Equity Exchange, we understand what it takes for you to succeed in an ever-changing global market. So in conjunction with the Cooperative Finance Association, Inc. (CFA) and other institutions, we offer unique and flexible crop input financing to fit your needs. In addition to these competitive financial solutions, we also offer charge accounts to support your farming operation. Download the document below, open in Acrobat Reader (available here for free), fill out the form and print it. Send the completed form to:

Equity Exchange
Attn: Kelsey Daugherty
Box 889
Perryton, TX 79070

Agronomy Locations

Main Office
Main Office, Seed and Ag Chem Distribution
4219 S Main
Perryton, TX 79070
PO Box 889 Fax Number: 806-435-7194
24/7 Fueling, Ag Chem, Card Readers, Diesel, Farm and Ranch Supplies, Feed, Grain, Liquid Fertilizer, Seed
211 W Industrial Road
Booker, TX 79005
Ag Chem, Seed
8709 S Blessen Rd
Amarillo, TX 79119-6831

24/7 Fueling, Ag Chem, Farm and Ranch Supplies, Feed, Grain, Liquid Fertilizer, NH3, Seed
509 W Main
Corn, OK 73024
Fax: 806-343-2718
Ag Chem, Seed
1714 HWY 54 East Building A
Dalhart, TX 79022

24/7 Fueling, Ag Chem, Farm and Ranch Supplies, Feed, Grain, Liquid Fertilizer, NH3, Seed
603 W Main
Eakly, OK 73033
Fax: 405-797-3269
24/7 Fueling, Grain, Kahler Automated Fertilizer Blending, Liquid Fertilizer, NH3
11725 Hwy 15
Farnsworth, TX 79033
Fax: 806-435-6789
24/7 Fueling, Farm and Ranch Supplies, Feed, Grain, Liquid Fertilizer, Rail Receiving and Shipping, Seed
140 S Kansas
Liberal, KS 67901
Fax: 620-626-7033
Ag Chem, Farm and Ranch Supplies, Liquid Fertilizer, Seed
309 S 2nd
Memphis, TX 79245
Fax: 806-259-3686
Perryton Town and Country
24/7 Fueling, Ag Chem, Farm and Ranch Supplies, Feed, Liquid Fertilizer, NH3, Seed
4251 S Main
Perryton, TX 79070
Fax: 806-435-4108
Perryton Warehouse
Ag Chem, Seed, Seed and Ag Chem Distribution
4219 South Main
Perryton , TX 79070
Ag Chem, Diesel, Grain, Liquid Fertilizer, Seed
1311 Ave F
Petersburg, TX 79250
Ag Chem, Grain, Liquid Fertilizer, NH3, Seed
2592 Road J
Hugoton, KS 67951
Fax: 620-624-5715
24/7 Fueling, Ag Chem, Farm and Ranch Supplies, Feed, Grain, Liquid Fertilizer, NH3, Seed
Ag Chem, Farm and Ranch Supplies, Feed, Grain
104 Collard
Spearman, TX 79081
Fax: 806-659-3241
24/7 Fueling, Ag Chem, Grain, Liquid Fertilizer, NH3, Seed
206 Wheeler St
Turpin, OK 73950
PO Box 217 Fax: 580-778-3535
24/7 Fueling, Ag Chem, Farm and Ranch Supplies, Grain, Liquid Fertilizer, NH3, Seed
300 E Clark Ave
Weatherford, OK 73096
Fax: 580-772-8922